Transfer pricing

“Controlling tax risks in operations with related parties”

We prepare annual transfer pricing studies, and develop transfer pricing models to achieve adequate compliance with the regime at local and international level, seeking the best tax positions for our clients. Through our service our clients obtain:

  • Accompaniment to structure operations with related parties abroad, tax havens and free zones.
  • Preparation of studies and transfer pricing planning.
  • Legal support in tax litigation for transfer pricing.
  • Accompaniment in tax planning processes, coordinated tax audit with transfer pricing.
  • Review of transfer pricing studies.
  • Review of transfer pricing models.

We are your best option

10 years of experience in development of Transfer Pricing Studies.

More than

500 studies carried out.

Experience in analysis of various types of supply operations, funding and sale of companies.

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A professional team

with more than 10 years of experience

in elaboration of studies of

Transfer pricing